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4 Important Things to  Do When in a Showflat

When looking for a condo unit to buy, it is not enough that you visit the website of the developer and judge through the pictures of units that are posted. Many of these pictures might have been photoshopped to look their best. Thus, it is vital to attend showflats before deciding on whether to push through with a purchase or to let go and find for another that will satisfy your preferences and needs.

A showflat is an important activity that you should not miss before you buy your own condo unit. During a showflat, it helps if you know what you are doing so that there will be no regrets after you signed on the contract. Here are some tips that you should do when you attend a showflat.

interiorSpot the Refurbishments

You must know that showflats are meant to impress potential buyers of condo units. A showflat is a refurbished version of actual condo units. Some things in a showflat may not actually be in the condo unit you are going to buy. It is best to look beyond all those decorations to have a real idea on the real condo unit that you will be buying.

Study the Floor Plan

If the floor plan is posted on the website of the developer, it helps if you study it before going to the showflat. Look also at the pictures that are posted. This way, you can have a comparison during the actual showflat. If there is no significant difference, you can be confident that the condo unit you will soon be having looks the same as those in the picture.

Bring out the Tape

It is hard to do an estimate on the actual measurement of the floor area. It may seem narrower because of decorations, or they could have made some adjustments to make it look wider. You can bring on a metric tape to know if the floor plan posted on the website is followed.

Other Important Things to Note

You should  also never fail to take note on the following.

  • condosElectrical Sockets – Your home will look like a cobweb if your condo unit does not have sockets at the right places. You will be needing extension wires here and there.
  • Lightings – Make sure that every room should have a source of light. If it is not possible that natural light can supply an area, electric bulb sockets should be in place.
  • Ventilation – All rooms should be adequately ventilated. If air cannot freely flow to the stockroom or the bathroom, there should be a ventilator.
  • Plumbing Works – Check under the sink, try flushing the bowl, and test the shower. Take note of the size of the PVC used in the drainage. Generally, smaller PVC will give you headaches because they are clogged regularly.

Indeed, it is crucial to attend a showflat. If you think that you cannot do these on your own, it is better if you go in the company of an expert of these things.