Shower Head

Types Of Shower heads That You Should Know

The shower head is a place under which a person stand and he\she is being bathed either with cold or warm water. Most shower heads have nozzle, temperature, and pressure. The most flexible shower head have an adjustable nozzle which can be swivelled from one point to another or aim at the person in the shower and directed to any part of the body. The efficiency of using the shower for bathing is higher than when the bathtub is being used for bathing. Shower in most situations uses lesser water as compared to the normal bathtub.

Types of Shower Head

Shower HeadThere are a lot of shower head in the market today. But they differ from one another in term of their functionality. The following are the types of shower head;

Speakman Shower Head

This is one out of the best-rated shower head in the market. This model is being used in very important places, such as five stars hotel, the presidential residence, and so many important places. With the small price, you can easily get this model of the shower head.

This model is patented with Anystream 360 Technology, which is fabricated with all types of the shower head. This is also made and fabricated with 5 adjustable jets.

Moen Velocity Shower Head

This is arguably the best shower head in the market as of today. This shower head is fabricated with Immersion Technology, which is made to concentrate and magnify water for good bathing experience. The 8 inch is built to deliver the maximum bathing experience.

Rain Style Shower Head

This nozzle out water in the form of rainfall, it comes like the splashing of rainfall on the body. The angle of this shower head can be adjusted in a swivel position and direction. With this type of shower head, rainfall experience is being felt on the body.

Thunderhead Shower Head

Shower HeadThis type of shower head has 90 jets, which bring out water to the body in a unique way. It sprays water on the body, which in turn relaxes the body. It has pressure chamber which forces the water to come out of all the 90 jets in the shower head. This shower head is also rated as the best, but not the best we can find in the market. Due to the technology which is being inculcated in this shower head, it prides itself as one of the most purchased and with the good user rating.