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What to look for in a personal dance instructor

If you are planning to take dance classes as a hobby, professionally or for an event, for instance, a wedding then one needs to choose their dance instructor well. This is because it will make the difference in one enjoying the training and progressing in their dance moves. A good dance teacher will create a conducive learning environment and will be encouraging in motivating a person to learn. With many people offering dance lessons it can be overwhelming finding a genuine, who has the knowledge, experience, and skill. Below is what to look for when looking for a dance instructor.

Looking for in a personal dance instructor

Determine your preferred dance style

To begin with, it is important that one identifies what dance style they prefer to learn. There are adance class range of dance style for one to choose from. We have hip hop, ballet, modern, jazz and ballroom dance like the waltz, tango and salsa to mention a few. Depending if it a hobby, as a professional or for an event one needs to know what they want to learn. For instance, for a wedding, one may want to learn a ballroom style like salsa. An instructor like nicole davison fox can offer insights on other dance styles that one can learn.

What are your dance goals

It is essential that one determines what their goal for dancing is. This will help them find the best instructor who is able to provide them with the training they need. Such goals can include that one is looking to losing some weight and feel a dance class will provide this avenue. It could be that you are preparing for your wedding and want to take dance classes with your fiance for a special dance. It could be that you want to be a professional dancer or an instructor and are looking to get the best teacher to equip you with the skill.


Considering the cost of the dance class is important. The cost will vary between a one on one lesson and a group lesson. Group lessons usually cost less than individual lessons. Know the cost and choose the one that best works for you.

Experience of dance instructor

dance instructorThis is where one looks at the training level, skill and experience of the dance instructor. One should look at the dance teacher’s performance, teaching, and choreography. Look for instructors who match the goal you want to meet. For instance, if you want to be a professional dancer, the instructor needs to have heard experience training professional dancers. Ensure also to get an instructor who will meet your dance level need and style.