Join us Saturday August 13th 5-8 as we open "Empire of the Senseless" combining paintings and ceramics by Sue Bowers, found object instrument compositions by Chad Harris, a video installation by Genevieve McKeown and some portraiture of Pedro Pablo Mendizabal.

Sue Bowers works in many mediums and in this incarnation include oils, acrylics and ceramics alongside screen printed hand-fashioned tapestry. The earthy tones and distinctive images weave a story marked by emotionally charged interior spaces, lucky rabbit feet, and Romanesque figures and imagery. Genevieve McKeown's video installation embraces the familiar modern day littered with telephone poles and pristine, emptied sardine cans.

The portraits of Pedro Pablo Mendizabal evoke a colorful sense of folk and kinesis with a reference to the mystique of Tibetan flags. Lastly, Chad Harris fashions a host of stringed instruments from found objects and other finds and the results are exquisite. A little bit recycled, a touch fun with an overall presentation that embodies a position that music is where you make it whether from remnants of flood drenched gutted homes or other street finds.

Together the art work evokes a melodic blend of materials, imagery and form that keep you eyes dancing from wall to wall. Complimenting the visual art will the be the music of Yojimbo and the sweet seasonal offerings of Abita Brewery.